Did you know?

This is a place to find some interesting facts concerning olives, taste and olive oil

•did you know that some of the oldest olive trees have been estimated to be over 2 thousand years old?? Isn't it amazing to imagine a tree that can live that long and still produce fruit....imagine how many people have sat under her branches and tasted her fruit and how many generations have cared for her survival!! there really something beautiful about the noble olive tree.

•there are over 2000 cultivars worldwide

•Italy grows over 540 different varieties of olive trees the largest variety of different cultivars in any country in the world
•Spain grows 182 different varieties
•Greece grows 52 different varieties
•Turkey 45 different varieties
•USA 150​ different varieties

The Greeks consume the most olive oil per capita in the world.

Spain produces the most oil in the world.

•did you know that olive trees can be grown on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and some pockets of the lower mainland in British Columbia in Canada? no oil is being produced yet but there are people growing these beautiful trees in the warmest parts of Canada.

•Award winning extra virgin olive oil is being produced in Texas....can't wait to try some.