health Benefits

So many things have been said about the benefits of this wonder fruit sometimes!! I really does help just about EVERYTHING and it tastes good too!

​*lowered risks for cardiovascular health

*can aid in lowering blood pressure

*adding Olive Oil to your diet can be a healthy part of assisting in the prevention of  Alzheimer disease

*A Mediterranean diet including olive oil can assist in reducing inflammation in the body

*Olive oil is very high in anti-oxidants which protects and assists the body in many ways including eye health

*Olive oil can help reduce the risks of diabetes

*Olive oil is good for your brain health

*Beneficial for the healthy aging and elderly

*Accelerates wound healing in burn patients

*Helps with kidney stones

​*Top 5 reasons! 1. lowers cholesterol 2. lowers blood pressure 3. reduces odds of getting cancer 4. offers protection from oxidative damage to the body 5. helps with cognitive function

You do your own search there are many articles written to support the various benefits. I think it is an excellent choice to add high quality extra virgin olive oil to my diet and my kitchen, it tastes fantastic and if it is good for me in several ways...all the better.