Pleasure to meet you!


My name is Hilda Christoff and I love great Extra Virgin Olive, I REALLY love it!!

I love the smell of it, the way the colour varies from buttery yellow to grassy green, the amazing way the best oils don't feel greasy in your mouth and I especially love trying to create a dish with the perfect oil to compliment it.

I have always been a passionate home cook. Every year on my birthday I would invest in several good quality bottles of extra virgin olive oils. I relied on the advice of the person selling to me and sometimes the oils were good and sometimes they were great but, I didn't know what made the difference.

I would covet and save these oils only using them on fresh salads and never cooking with them. I wanted them to last as long as possible. I didn't know any better.

One day a dear friend of mine read an article in the national newspaper about a woman who was an Olive Oil Sommelier and went to Italy to study how to be a taster. My friend yelled "this is exactly what YOU should do!"

So.....I did!

I went to the prestigious O.N.A.O.O - Organizzazione Nationale Assaggiatori Olio Di Oliva/ The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters in Imperia, Italy and started my journey. I am proud to be one of a small handful of Canadians certified with The Certificate of Sensory Aptitude in the Technical Course and I have attended The Master Milling Certificate Course at the University of Davis, California.

I am currently attending the Professional Taster Course at ONAOO in Italy. I will update this page when/if I complete this 3 year course.I would be proud to be affiliated with this organization of impartial tasters who are only concerned with sharing some of the very best olive oils that so many dedicated artisans lovingly create all over the world. I am certainly not an expert however, I am continuing to learn and study all levels of growing, harvesting and milling and I am always willing to share what I know.

​ My gift is my ability to find which oils pair wonderfully with different recipes. I not only love the oils by themselves and want you to understand what makes each oil special but, I am also a cook and I use them everyday as a fantastic ingredient which compliments and enhances food so beautifully.

​I want you to consider olive oil when in many cases you would reach for butter or other oils. I am the author of I want to cook that - Mediterranean Flavours  cookbook and have written a cooking blog called  since 2012. I try to hi-light my love of olive oil and share which oils I am using in most of my recipes.

My goal is not to sell the most extra virgin olive oil, it is to share some of the best Ultra Premium oils I would use in my own kitchen with the people who appreciate the value of this amazing ingredient. I want this website to help you understand how to choose a good oil. Of course i want you to buy from me however, if you don't I want you to be equipped to make an informed choice from your favorite retailer.

​ My goal is to share my knowledge and obsession with you so you can enjoy the flavours of REALLY GREAT Olive Oil!! Once you do, your cooking and your palatte will never settle for less.